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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development

Thai Vegetable Oil Public Company Limited adheres to its business mission to deliver good quality of life to consumers, employees, community, environment and all stakeholders through its operation starting from raw material procurement, production process until delivery to consumers to bring sustainability to stakeholders. This will lead to further sustainability of the organization.

Based on risk assessment of the Risk Management Committee and resolution of the Sustainability Development Working Group 2016, has concluded that the essential issues that affect the Company’s sustainability were products, consumers, the community where the Company is located, and environment respectively. The Company continued to set its target on sustainability over the past year and adjust the plan in line with the Company’s goals and annual business plan.

The Pride of the Company is being a good quality product to consumers by creating a social sustainability with the following goals;

  • Produce quality and nutritious products with production standards regularly, safe for consumers and meet their needs
  • Reduce the impact on the environment
  • Stay with the community sustainably
  • Create sustainable wealth for Shareholders
  • Encourage employees to develop themselves to gain knowledge, ability, motivation, participation and exchange of knowledge to achieve their performance

The Company communicates this sustainable development policy to all employees through all available channels, and includes this issue into orientation manual for all new staffs. This means to instill this understanding and consciences on the duty to social responsibility and to deliver a better quality of life to consumers.

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