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Dehull Full Fat Soy

the products under the “TVO Dehulled Full Fat Soy”, a high quality of soybean seeds product, extruded by thermal treatment process where it would be at proper heated to deactivated anti-nutrition factors without destroying its nutrient quality. It is for early stage animal such as wean pigs, egg laying hen, other poultry and aquatic animal such as shrimp and fish. It helps them absorb nutritional value, contribute its health and enhance its growth, including animal that needs much energy such as fowl.TVO Dehulled Full Fat Soy is a best quality product that precisely response the demand of meal industry with high productivity at lowest cost.

Moisture (%) Max. 11.0
Urease Activity 0.01 - 0.10
Protein (%) Min. 38.0
Oil (%) Min. 21.0
Fiber (%) Max. 4.0
Ash (%) Max. 6.0


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