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Message From The Chairman

        Overall operation of the Company in previous year was excellent with record high sales and net profit as it had total year-long sales revenue of 28,243 million Baht rising from previous year that was only 26,302 million baht. The net profit was 2,818 million Baht growing for 43.9% compared to the previous year which was 1,959 million Baht and earning per share of the whole year was 3.41 Baht increasing from previous year which was 2.35 Baht. We could see that the overall operation in this year of the Company outstandingly grew as sales revenue of every main product elevated. When considering from sales categorized by main business unit, it could be found that animal feed industry had proportion of sale for 64% with increasing sale for 5.9%. This was consistent with growth of livestock sector of Thailand especially exporting chicken meat that grew up to 8-9% continually in every year resulting in the expanding need of animal feed raw materials. In the meantime, soybean oil business had proportion of sale for 33% with sales increasing up to 9.2% due to the fact that needs of soybean oil increased in industrial market and retail market resulted from lower palm productivity because of abnormally long drought leading to the shortage of palm oil and higher price. Meanwhile, the export of soybean oil increased because vegetable oil market in the region was strained especially palm oil. These factors led the Company’s operational performance of year 2016 stably and incessantly grow that it can bring more sustainability for shareholders.

        Apart from success of operation, the Company proud to be accomplished in various matters such as being announcing as one of listed company of a showcase in Thailand investment for year 2016 by Stock Exchange of Thailand, being selected one of listed companies that ranked ESG100 with outstanding operations on Environment, Social and Governance: ESG for year 2016 by Thaipat Institute. In addition, we are granted “Petchpanit Award” which is honorary award that Ministry of Commerce bestows to those who benefit the nation in term of trading and commerce and the FDA Quality Award year 2017 by Office of Food and Drug Administration.

        Year 2017, sustainable growth is still our challenge, the Company emphasizes on building growth from main business by increasing value of products and innovative creation. Meanwhile, it increases marketing channels in regional market especially CLMV including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. It will be another strategy for driving business of the company in 2017 because it will be essential to our growth in the future as these countries are potential markets after becoming a part of ASEAN Economic Community. In addition, with experience in doing business about soybean oil factory more than 5 decades and stable financial status and as a leader in soybean oil industry in ASEAN, we are confident that the Company is highly and potentially competitive as an expert in soybean oil industry with many products highly accepted and trusted by customers especially quality and standard to meet customer’s needs. Meanwhile, the Company gives precedence to developing personnel and modern management system to have higher potential to support competition, and maintain advantages in term of production efficiency, internal control system and risk management by prioritizing highest benefits of shareholders.

        The Company also focuses on corporate governance and corporate social and environmental responsibility as it’s attached to strictly complying with principle of good corporate governance for listed company with effective, transparent and auditable management to promote sustainable growth of the company. With the company’s vision emphasized on social and environmental responsibility, it has a policy to manufacture high-quality products to create economic value with environmentally-friendly and safe production process. It also highlights developing the community by taking part in it and arranging many activities to upgrade livelihood of the society and community. Particularly this year is an auspicious year because it is the 50th anniversary of the Company establishment. The Company has plans to organizing many activities which are beneficial for society and consumers all years round.

       For this occasion, on behalf of the company’s committee, I would like to thank all benefactors of the company, shareholders, customers, financial institutions, business ally, government sectors, consumers and people along with mass media for supporting and promoting business operation of the company to be successful in the future and for always putting trust in the Board of Directors and Executives, Managements, and, we would like to thank all executives and employees for putting your full effort and determination in developing knowledge, skill and performance and operating works to achieve the common goals of the company. May all of you be always happy, prosperous and health ever after.


Mr.Sompol Kiatphaibool
Chairman of the Board

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