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The Nature of Business

The Products 

    Thai Vegetable Oil Public Co.,Ltd. is an agricultural food industry, manufactures and distributor of 11 products are as following: 

1. Soybean Oil, “A-NGOON” a 100% soybean oil for household cooking purposes. Soybean oil is also a primary ingredient for other processed food manufacturing industries, such as the canned fish industry, the chili paste industry and other businesses. The Company’s product has gained the trust of consumers and industry users alike, owing to its unsaturated and healthy nutritional value.

2. Corn Oil is cooking, it is 100% extracted from the germ of corn, contains high level of linoleic acid which is beneficial for health.

3. Sunflower Oil, a 100% sunflower oil, with main physical properties of the sunflower oil contained high level of the unsaturated fats and the high level of the linoleic acid, which is scientifically proved to be safe for the human consumption and provide the great health benefit to the consumers. Sunflower Oil’s commonly used in the canned food export industry, e.g.

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: (Brand Monini) the pure fresh olive oil satisfies a variety of taste requirements, bringing harmony to flavor of sauces, roasts, side dishes and raw in condiments. It is very good for health. The company is the only distributor in Thailand.

5. Anfora Olive oil: (Brand : Monini), a good quality extra virgin oil from good quality olives, good for cooking especially the result being a crispy fry, which is tasty and light.

6. Soybean Meal, a key raw material for animal feed, it is distributed under brand “TVO Hipro - Meal” and is widely accepted within the livestock raising industries, attributed to its high and consistency quality and standards.

7. Dehulled Soymeal, the products are produced under the “TVO Dehulled Soymeal” the husked soybean provides higher protein and nutritional benefits, highly appropriate for livestock which requires good quality feed for growth and maximum yield.

8. Full Fat Soy, a high protein meal under brand “TVO Full Fat Soy”, and is an ingredient mix for animal feed used in piglet and poultry farming industries. It has the benefits of easy digestion; high protein and energy content; and is rich in non-saturated fats essential for various types of raised livestock, It is particularly suited as a quality growth enhancer for younger livestock and especially for ensuring a higher proportion of lean meat.

9.Dehulled Full Fat Soy, the products under the “TVO Dehulled Full Fat Soy”, a high quality of soybean seeds product, extruded by thermal treatment process where it would be at proper heated to deactivated anti-nutrition factors without destroying its nutrient quality. It is for early stage animal such as wean pigs, egg laying hen, other poultry and aquatic animal such as shrimp and fish. It helps them absorb nutritional value, contribute its health and enhance its growth, including animal that needs much energy. TVO Dehulled Full Fat Soy is a best quality product that precisely response the demand of meal industry with high productivity at lowest cost.

10. Lecithin is an important ingredient for shrimp, chicken and pig feed. It helps in fat and cholesterol absorption, and good for them to provide its shell during the molting storage thereby increasing
growth and survival rates.

11. TVO Soy hulled is product that produced from soybean hull. It’s high digestible which could be used in all animal diets and also help reducing feed cost.

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